Portable Universal Cooler
Portable Universal Cooler
Portable Universal Cooler

Portable Universal Cooler

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Don't let your phone overheat when you're gaming! This Portable Universal Cooler will help to keep your phone cool, no matter how long you play. Simply connect it to your phone and it will start working to keep your device cool. It's perfect for gaming, but also great for using your phone in hot weather or for prolonged periods of time.
The Portable Universal Cooler is a must-have accessory for any mobile gamer or anyone who wants to prolong the life of their phone. 


  • The cooler features a USB port for charging your devices as well as a fan that can be used with or without an AC adapter.
  • Its compact design allows you to take it anywhere!
  • It is made for use with Samsung, Huawei, iPhone, Xiaomi, LG, and more devices. 


Material: ABS

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Lilyan Keeling

This works great for me because I use it to play games. It’s amazing you can’t even hear it working!

King Fahey

My iPhone 7 would overheat constantly, usually while playing games like Minecraft or streaming Forza Horizon 4 with Xbox Game Pass. After about 5 minutes, performance would rapidly descend until the games were unplayable. This cooling system solved this problem instantly. I now get a smooth gaming experience and my phone is ice cold.

Gladyce Jaskolski

It's awesome! Just wish it had a chargeable battery so I don't have to sit near my charger everytime I use it

Marguerite Denesik

Fantastic for phones that heat up so if you plan to quick charge or pump some serious juice into your phone, this works great.

Claud Hintz

This was so cold to the touch when I first tested it out that I knew it was the right thing for my phone..No need for anything else, I HIGHLY recommend buying this as it’s the best price for what you get.