Universal Mini Cooling Fan
Universal Mini Cooling Fan
Universal Mini Cooling Fan
Universal Mini Cooling Fan
Universal Mini Cooling Fan

Universal Mini Cooling Fan

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This little fan is a powerhouse! Our Universal Mini Cooling Fan can keep your mobile device cool while you play the most intense games, or work on the most strenuous projects. The built-in turbofan and hurricane design make sure your phone stays nice and frosty.


  • This is a universal mini cooling fan radiator turbo hurricane game cooler cell phone cool heat sink for iPhone, as well as Android phones.
  • It has USB interface ports, which can be connected to the mobile phone charging line to provide power for it. 
  • The fan blade is made with high-quality material, which is durable and not easy to break.



Product Material: ABS


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Felicia Schroeder

This device actually keeps my phone cool to the touch. Not warm, but cool. I can play genshin and honkai impact on highest setting and not lose any frames.
Thank you

Sidney Kessler

I'm on the fence about how much I really need a phone cooler but it does work. Remove any cover you have and clip over where your phone gets hot and it will cool it off enough your phone feels cold on the screen opposite of where the cooler is.

Alverta Okuneva

I bought this out of a whim. Just to experiment and see if it will make a difference with my Samsung Z Flip3 5G. This device gets very hot since it's a 2 piece design and less thermal conductivity. This cooler is the real deal and got COLD to the touch in about 15 seconds.

Delfina Raynor

For the price it's the best value and is quiet.

Jeanne Kilback

Oh mobile game I play is COD Mobile, at first I thought these were a gimmick but I just had to try one for myself, I was surprised how cold it actually gets! It helps keep my temps stable at 30c unlike before when my phone would get up to 37c playing max graphics!