7 Blade Mobile Cooler
7 Blade Mobile Cooler
7 Blade Mobile Cooler
7 Blade Mobile Cooler

7 Blade Mobile Cooler

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This 7 Blade Mobile Cooler is a perfect solution to keep your phone cool while gaming or using heavy apps. The small and lightweight fan clips onto the back of your phone and can be used with any gamepad or holder. With this set, you'll never have to worry about your phone overheating again!


  • It's compatible with all models of iPhones, Samsungs, and Huawei, and can be used with any type of phone case. 
  • The 7-blade fan helps to dissipate heat quickly, while the built-in holder allows you to keep your phone in a comfortable position. 
  • This mobile phone cooler is perfect for keeping your device running smoothly and efficiently. 


Compatible Size: 4 inch - 6.5 inch
Line Length: 1 meter
Power Supply: 5V
Product Size: 78.5*45*32mm
Weight: 52g

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Oda Hilpert

I have a 13 pro max and I must say. I’m super impressed with this cooler. You need to understand it’s not just a fan. There is a actual cooling chip inside that seriously gets cold as ice. I’m very happy with it and I think razer did a awesome job.

Isabella Gislason

Now with this cooler I played 10 games straight and never even slightly got warm. If anything my phone was cold. This cooler is top tier for phone cooling. I highly recommend it for the mag safe version.

Mossie Senger

unique in a couple of ways compared to most other coolers available for smartphones, specifically

Reagan Luettgen

I don't do a lot of gaming on my phone but I wanted to try this anyway since I like neat gadgets.

Hanna Wiegand

I tested it first before I put it on my phone just so I could feel how cold it would get and it does get icy cold. Didn't seem too loud either but I suppose that's subjective. It sticks well too