Cool Earphones With Led
Cool Earphones With Led
Cool Earphones With Led
Cool Earphones With Led
Cool Earphones With Led

Cool Earphones With Led

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Enjoy your music and look cool at the same time with these Cool Earphones With Led. The bright LED lights will light up your way and make you stand out from the rest. The headphones are lightweight and comfortable, perfect for long hours of use. They also have a built-in microphone for hands-free calling.


  • Super bass sound with built-in microphone and volume control.
  • The lightweight design and comfortable fit in-ear canal make it ideal for gaming needs and sports activities such as running, jogging, and gym exercise.
  • Wireless Bluetooth V4.1+EDR, easy to pair with all Bluetooth-enabled devices up to 10 meters away! Perfect for home entertainment systems, TV, PC, Mac, tablet, or mobile phone.


Usage time: 4-5 hours
Charging time: 45 minutes
Charging time of charging chamber: 1.2h
Single headset weight: 4g
Charging Case Weight: 76g: 76g
Gross weight: 170g

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Giovanni Yundt

I had different big name company’s gaming earphones and they broke, so I was looking for cheap in a price but good earbuds, I came across this , so I ordered to try it out, I thought if I don’t like then I will return it, but I really like this and I may get another pair for backup

Dan Green

- Loud! Finally! I could never hear my podcasts when running/mowing the lawn.
- Decent quality audio. I've not heard distortions, muffling, humming, etc. when listening to music. I've been impressed with the bass.
- Decent audio recording. People can hear me when I'm talking on the phone.
- At least a few hours playback. I've not had them die yet.
- It connects to my phone right away and I've had no connection issues.
- They fit well in my ears (I have big, welsh ears).
- I like the blue lights. Cute lighting bolt charging design.

I've been surprised by the sound quality. They sound 300% better than my name brand earbuds from a few years ago, they are much loader, and people can hear me on the phone much better.

Keshaun Reichel

I love these earbuds. Even though they are budget-friendly, at the same time they provide a great sound experience.

Rene Maggio

I love how quickly they sync when removed from the base and how user-friendly they are. I’m not a young man anymore, but there was zero learning curve in using them right out of the box.

Peyton Hamill

The sound quality is everything I could want. I listen to music and TV shows but more often to audiobooks, and the words are crystal clear and fine.