Phone Gaming Shooters
Phone Gaming Shooters
Phone Gaming Shooters
Phone Gaming Shooters

Phone Gaming Shooters

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Gear up for some intense mobile gaming action with Phone Gaming Shooters! These metal triggers attach to your smartphone, turning it into a makeshift gamepad controller. They provide a more comfortable and accurate way to play games like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, and other shooters. With Phone Gaming Shooters, you'll have the edge over your competition!


  • It comes with an adjustable strong magnetic hold and can be fixed on Smartphones in seconds. 
  • The trigger design makes you feel like holding a real gun in your hand, which gives you a much better experience than other plastic triggers when playing shooting games.
  • These metal triggers easily attach to your smartphone and provide a more realistic gaming experience, giving you the ability to fire and aim with ease.


Material: Metal

Customer Reviews

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Tom Miranda

Phone Gaming Shooters

Luis Von

Great product and great value. This product was able to give me exactly what I wanted out of it. It was able to do this without causing any concern and overall made me happy. I am a happy consumer

Sam Little

It good the build is very sturdy but it gets the job done and works well

Rocky Koss

These triggers fit very well and have alot of wiggle room to fit multiple designs of devices.

Georgette Jenkins

It workes great and fitted the phone . Easy to connect my nine-year-old did it.